2019 Program

Our Goals for 2019

  • Develop educational materials/curriculum regarding US and Philippine based issues
  • Create a database of educational trainings  and webinars
  • Grow the alliance to 60 member organizations by the end of 2019!
  • Strengthen  collaborative relationships with other Filipino based alliances  and establish relationships for mutual benefit of our communities.
  • Mobilize entire membership to participate in mission trips and human rights campaign in the Philippines against the Duterte Regime


Program/Project Description Time Frame
Kaba Educational Curriculum. The alliance is finally getting it!

Nationally developed educational materials that you can utilize for workshops, education discussions, trainings etc.

Will include topics like, Filipino culture, history as well as burning issues that affect us here in the U.S. and back home in the Philippines.  

  • Creation of Database – Mid to late January
  • Ongoing sharing of materials throughout the year and beyond
Kaba Resource Portal Resource portal for members to access exclusive Kabataan Alliance content!

This will include educational and workshop materials, documents and presentations. It will also include a  directory of organizations, non profits, grants, etc.

–  Establish by early to mid February
Kaba (Youth)  Talks Short for Kabataan (Youth) Talks is an online platform for Filipino youth across the U.S. to engage in an open dialogue, training, or webinar on the different issues and concerns of the Filipino youth and community. Organized by and for Filipino youth.
  • See Calendar Below
Kaba Webinar Trainings We want to take the alliance to the next level and want to also help all the organizations in the alliance. We will be hosting organizing, recruitment, fundraising trainings and more. Let us know what your orgs needs  are!
  • See Calendar Below
Kabataan Membership Toolkit/Packet (Starter Pack) This  guide will help everyone have all the tools necessary to recruit a new member organization, program, or individual into the alliance.
  • By the end of January
National Project Based Workgroups Examples of committees:

  • Education Committee in charge of the education of KA members on philippine history, current events, and issues
  • Fundraising
  • Action Committee in charge of projects and campaigns of the alliance
Public Relations and Social Media Teams We have been doing a lot of work, each of us have been doing a lot work. We want to showcase all the work that we collectively have been doing to the world!

On top of that Kabataan alliances work has brought us to understand the realities of our kababayan and the continued struggles against human rights that are going on here and back home.
With that we are looking to create two national committees:

  • Social media team  that runs and facilitates the website, facebook, ig, etc to create a lively and robust social media presence.
  • Public Relations team that Releases statements, videos, infographics  on burning issues to educate community of our analysis
Campaign for Human Rights See link for the full details of the campaign (Coming Soon) Jan – December
Kaba Mission Trip Our annual mission trips aren’t going to stop, we are looking to make them bigger and better than ever!

We hope to:

  • Recruit at least 50 mission participants
  • Haves representatives from all 5 regions of KA
  • Ensure participation from new areas

See the concept paper for details. (Coming Soon)

Jan – August
Kaba Mission Scholarship Fund One of the goals of Kabataan Alliance  is to ensure we can support Filipino youth to go on our mission trips to see the everyday experiences the majority our Kababayan face everyday. As a grassroots alliance the only way we can make this happen is through our collective unity and will.  

Calendar of Activities 2019

Month National Activities Regional/Local  Activities
  • Jan 2 – National Council Meeting
  • Regional Advocacy and Organizing Trainings
  • PNW Regional Retreat
  • MLK Day, January 21st (PNW) trying to create a Filipinx Youth and student contingent
  • Feb 6 – National Council Meeting
  • Feb 13 – Kaba Talks
  • Feb 9-10National Executive Board Retreat
  • Mar 6 – National Council Meeting
  • Mar 4-10 – Black Out Week
  • Apr 3 – National Council Meeting
  • Apr 6-9 National Anti-Dictatorship Summit. Washington, D.C.
  • May 1 – National Council Meeting (Kaba Talks)
  • Jun 5 – National Council Meeting
  • Jun 12- Philippine Independence Day Action
  • MALAYA Activities
  • Regional Leadership Programs/Summits
  • Summer Mission
  • Sep 4 -National Council Meeting
  • Oct 2 – National Council Meeting
  • Oct 9 – Kaba Talks
  • Nov 6 – National Council Meeting
December Winter break