About R4R

A Filipino Youth and Student Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines


The Philippines is experiencing an ever-worsening human rights crisis under the current president, Rodrigo Duterte.  Youth are not spared from this tyranny.

Under Duterte’s dictatorship, there have been 24,000 people slaughtered in his bloody war on drugs, including youth between the ages of 5 and 17.  In Mindanao, Duterte has extended martial law to the end of the 2019. Under martial law more than 400,000 people remain displaced from their homes and evacuated due to militarization, aerial bombings, and increased community surveillance. Schools for Lumad children continue to be harassed, denying Lumad youth the right to education.  More recently, Duterte has lowered the minimum age of criminal responsibility to 12 years old, further criminalizing youth and justifying his war against the poor. Rather than prioritizing rehabilitation services, the Duterte government continues to neglect its responsibility to protect children.

While the Filipino youth and people suffer under Duterte in the Philippines, Filipino youth in the United States are denied access to basic social services like education and healthcare.  Instead of funding social services that address the needs of the youth and people in the United States, President Trump prioritizes the sending of tax dollars to fund the human rights crisis in the Philippines.

Kabataan Alliance aims to broaden unity among Filipino youth across the United States to Rise for Rights and campaign for human rights in the Philippines by advocating for the end of US aid to the Philippine government and redirecting those funds to social services. We are prompted to struggle alongside our youth counterparts in the Philippines, to boldly use our creativity and skills to put a stop to the killings, resist crackdowns, and fight for a just and lasting peace.

Filipino youth are rising up and fighting fascists like Trump and dictators like Duterte. We find it appropriate to call for Filipino youth in the diaspora to join and participate in our Rise for Rights campaign which aims to take up the issues of the youth in the Philippines.


  • To build support for human rights in the Philippines by cutting United States aid to Duterte’s government and redirecting our U.S. Tax dollars towards social services such as education and healthcare.
  • To build and strengthen relationships with Filipino youth and solidarity with oppressed and marginalized communities.